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Find live train times from your station to your destination as well as handy journey information, such as average journey time, live departures and the time of the last train, to help you plan your next day out. You will find tips on how to find cheaper train tickets, such as finding Off-Peak tickets, using GroupSave, and buying your tickets on our website, so you avoid paying any booking fees.

More routes

Accrington To Blackburn

Alexandra Palace To Cambridge

Alexandra Palace To Enfield Chase

Alexandra Palace To Hatfield

Alexandra Palace To Hertford North

Alexandra Palace To Moorgate

Alexandra Palace To New Barnet

Alexandra Palace To Old Street

Alexandra Palace To Potters Bar

Alexandra Palace To Welwyn Garden City

Andover To Waterloo

Ascot To Reading

Baldock To Hatfield

Baldock To Hitchin

Baldock To Stevenage

Bowes Park To Enfield Chase

Bowes Park To Finsbury Park

Bowes Park To Hertford North

Bowes Park To Kings Cross

Bowes Park To Old Street

Brookmans Park To Finsbury Park

Brookmans Park To Kings Cross

Brookmans Park To Moorgate

Brookmans Park To Potters Bar

Cambridge North To Kings Lynn

Cambridge North To Littleport

Cambridge North To Royston

Cambridge North To Stevenage

Cambridge To Alexandra Palace

Cambridge To Baldock

Cambridge To Knebworth

Cambridge To Littleport

Cambridge To Meldreth

Cambridge To Potters Bar

Cambridge To Shepreth

Crews Hill To Finsbury Park

Cumbernauld To Glasgow

Darwen To Manchester

Doncaster To Liverpool

Downham Market To Ely

Drayton Park To Moorgate

Dunbar To Edinburgh

Edinburgh To Dunbar

Edinburgh To Leeds

Edinburgh To North Berwick

Edinburgh Waverley To Glasgow Central

Eltham To London Bridge

Ely To Cambridge North

Ely To Downham Market

Ely To Stevenage

Enfield Chase To Alexandra Palace

Enfield Chase To Bowes Park

Enfield Chase To Hertford North

Enfield Chase To Old Street

Enfield Chase To Stevenage

Essex Road To New Barnet

Exeter To Totnes

Farnham To London

Faversham To Canterbury

Filey To Scarborough

Finsbury Park To Baldock

Finsbury Park To Bayford

Finsbury Park To Brookmans Park

Finsbury Park To Crews Hill

Finsbury Park To Grange Park

Finsbury Park To Hadley Wood

Finsbury Park To Knebworth

Finsbury Park To New Southgate

Finsbury Park To Oakleigh Park

Finsbury Park To Royston

Finsbury Park To Welham Green

Finsbury Park To Welwyn North

Foxton To Cambridge

Foxton To Kings Cross

Foxton To Royston

Gatwick To Guildford

Glasgow To Lenzie

Glasgow To Troon

Glasgow To Uddingston

Glasgow To Wishaw

Glasshoughton To Leeds

Gordon Hill To Stevenage

Grange Park To Finsbury Park

Grange Park To Old Street

Great Yarmouth To Norwich

Hadley Wood To Finsbury Park

Hadley Wood To Hatfield

Hadley Wood To Kings Cross

Hadley Wood To Moorgate

Hadley Wood To Potters Bar

Hadley Wood To Welwyn Garden City

Halifax To Manchester

Hamilton To Glasgow

Hatfield To Alexandra Palace

Hatfield To Baldock

Hatfield To New Barnet

Hatfield To Old Street

Hatfield To Royston

Hertford North To Alexandra Palace

Hertford North To Cambridge

Hertford North To Enfield Chase

Hertford North To Gordon Hill

Hertford North To Hatfield

Hertford North To Old Street

Hertford North To Palmers Green

Hitchin To Kings Lynn

Hitchin To Moorgate

Hitchin To Potters Bar

Hitchin To Welwyn Garden City

Hitchin To Welwyn North

Hornsey To Enfield Chase

Hornsey To Hertford North

Inverness To Aberdeen

Kilmarnock To Ayr

Kings Cross To Brookmans Park

Kings Cross To Downham Market

Kings Cross To Enfield Chase

Kings Cross To Gordon Hill

Kings Cross To Hertford North

Kings Cross To Knebworth

Kings Cross To Letchworth Garden City

Kings Cross To Littleport

Kings Cross To Meldreth

Kings Cross To New Barnet

Kings Cross To Oakleigh Park

Kings Cross To Waterbeach

Kings Lynn To Cambridge North

Kings Lynn To Downham Market

Kings Lynn To Ely

Kings Lynn To Hitchin

Kings Lynn To Littleport

Kings Lynn To Royston

Kings Lynn To Stevenage

Knebworth To Cambridge

Knebworth To Finsbury Park

Leeds To Harrogate

Leeds To Scarborough

Leeds To Whitby

Letchworth Garden City To Cambridge

Littleport To Kings Cross

Littleport To Kings Lynn

Manchester Piccadilly To Liverpool

Manchester To Burnley

Manchester To Newcastle

Meldreth To Cambridge

Meldreth To Kings Cross

Metrocentre To Newcastle

Moorgate To Bowes Park

Moorgate To Drayton Park

Moorgate To Essex Road

Moorgate To Gordon Hill

Moorgate To Hadley Wood

Moorgate To Hatfield

Moorgate To Hertford North

Moorgate To Hornsey

Moorgate To New Barnet

Moorgate To New Southgate

Moorgate To Oakleigh Park

Moorgate To Palmers Green

Moorgate To Potters Bar

Moorgate To Stevenage

Moorgate To Welham Green

Moorgate To Welwyn Garden City

Moorgate To Winchmore Hill

Nairn To Inverness Times

Neath To Swansea

New Barnet To Alexandra Palace

New Barnet To Cambridge

New Barnet To Hatfield

New Barnet To Kings Cross

New Barnet To Moorgate

New Barnet To Old Street

New Barnet To Potters Bar

New Barnet To Welwyn Garden City

New Cross To London Bridge

New Southgate To Alexandra Palace

New Southgate To Hatfield

New Southgate To New Barnet

New Southgate To Old Street

New Southgate To Welwyn Garden City

Newbury To Basingstoke

Newcastle To Berwick

Newcastle To Carlisle

Newcastle To Metrocentre

Newport To Cardiff

Northampton To Milton Keynes

Nottingham To Chesterfield

Nuneaton To Coventry

Oakleigh Park To Alexandra Palace

Oakleigh Park To Kings Cross

Oakleigh Park To Moorgate

Old Street To Alexandra Palace

Old Street To Bowes Park

Old Street To Finsbury Park

Old Street To Hertford North

Old Street To Potters Bar

Paddington To Burnham

Paignton To Totnes

Palmers Green To Hertford North

Palmers Green To Old Street

Peterborough To Corby

Potters Bar To Alexandra Palace

Potters Bar To Cambridge

Potters Bar To Hitchin

Potters Bar To Knebworth

Potters Bar To Oakleigh Park

Potters Bar To Old Street

Potters Bar To Welwyn Garden City

Ramsgate To London

Royston To Cambridge North

Royston To Ely

Royston To Finsbury Park

Royston To Hitchin

Royston To Kings Lynn

Royston To Welwyn Garden City

Salford To Manchester

Salisbury To Winchester

Saltash To Plymouth

Scarborough To Bridlington

Scarborough To Hull

Scarborough To York

Sheffield To Chesterfield

Shepreth To Cambridge

Skegness To Boston

Skipton To Ilkley

Solihull To Coventry

St Albans To Bedford

Staines To London Waterloo

Stamford To Peterborough

Stevenage To Alexandra Palace

Stevenage To Baldock

Stevenage To Ely

Stevenage To Enfield Chase

Stevenage To Kings Lynn

Stevenage To Moorgate

Stevenage To Welwyn North

Stewarton To Glasgow

Stoke To Leeds

Stratford To Braintree

Stratford To Luton

Stratford To Norwich

Stratford To Tottenham Hale

Sunningdale To Waterloo

Waterbeach To Kings Cross

Welham Green To Finsbury Park

Welham Green To Kings Cross

Welwyn Garden City To Alexandra Palace

Welwyn Garden City To Cambridge

Welwyn Garden City To Hatfield

Welwyn Garden City To Knebworth

Welwyn Garden City To New Barnet

Welwyn Garden City To Potters Bar

Welwyn Garden City To Royston

Welwyn Garden City To Welwyn North

Welwyn North To Finsbury Park

Welwyn North To Hitchin

Welwyn North To Stevenage

Winchmore Hill To Old Street

York To Scarborough

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