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Sit back on one of the regular trains from Aberdeen to Glasgow and relax. Whether you plan to explore the city’s history and culture or simply catch up with friends, you’ll find plenty of travel options throughout the day. You can also check live train times from Aberdeen to Glasgow below to keep yourself on track. Fancy saving a little extra spending money too? There are several ways to get cheaper train tickets from Aberdeen to Glasgow, like buying through our website to avoid booking fees.


Tips on how to book cheaper train tickets

Get a Railcard

Railcards cost £30 a year and are great value if you travel regularly or just take a few longer trips like this one to Glasgow. There are lots of different types too, so see if you qualify to sign up today.

Book your return trip

Will you be coming back too? If so, booking your return will work out cheaper than buying two singles separately. With an Anytime Return, you can travel back on any day within one calendar month.

Buy through our website

Unlike other major ticket providers, we don’t charge booking fees. That means you can get your train tickets from Aberdeen to Glasgow through our website without any annoying extras.  

No booking fees and collect at the station in the UK

Book online and get the best deals