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Heading for Hatfield? Sit back on one of the regular trains from Hertford North to Hatfield that set off throughout the day. Trains run throughout the day and most take around an hour. Keep up to date with live train times from Hertford North to Hatfield below, whether you’re meeting up with a loved one, heading back home or even exploring Hatfield House. It’s easy to save money on the way too. You’ll avoid booking fees by getting your train tickets from Hertford North to Hatfield through our website.


Tips on how to book cheaper train tickets

Get a Railcard

A Railcard will cost you £30 for a year and save you 1/3 on most tickets to Hatfield and beyond. With lots of different types out there, it’s worth checking if you can sign up today.

Travel Off-Peak

Can you avoid busier travel times? Off-Peak tickets are often available in the quieter parts of the day and can work out significantly cheaper. Check our journey planner to see if you can find a bargain.

Book together with GroupSave

Is there a few of you travelling? If so, you can get even cheaper Off-Peak train tickets from Hertford North to Hatfield by booking in a group of 3-9 adults. GroupSave is perfect for friends, family and colleagues.

No booking fees and collect at the station in the UK

Buy online and get the best deals