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Train service punctuality and reliability

We release new on-time results every day. And every four weeks we prepare a more detailed report on our service performance.

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We want to be honest and open about how we’re doing. That’s why we’ve put together a collection of handy links to service reports, customer satisfaction information and much more. Get the full picture

Shedding light on our performance plan

Rail passenger numbers

The number of passengers using National Rail has continued to grow, and these latest statistics show the direct impact this growth has had on levels of train crowding in a number of major cities.

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Fare evasion

Fare evasion prevention is important. The rail industry loses millions of pounds a year through ticketless travel and fraud money which could have otherwise been re-invested to improve rail services. This is unfair on the vast majority of you who are honest and pay your fares.

We worked alongside other train operators, Transport for London and British Transport Police, to limit ticketless travel to 2.77% in the Department for Transport's most recent survey in January. Ticketless travel surveys are carried out four times a year by the Department for Transport and the results are published as soon as they are available. Fare revenue is paid direct to the Department for Transport.