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Progress updates - Connections magazine

We want to keep you in the loop. Our twice yearly Connections booklet gives you the latest updates on both our performance and our plans for the future.

Transparency in action

We’re working hard behind the scenes to measure our performance and make meaningful improvements. And we want to keep you informed and involved. That’s why we publish Connections.

Connections lets you hear directly from our top managers. You can see if we measured up to our customer service targets and our on-time performance goals.

And we’ll also give you the latest on upcoming improvement works.

Get the latest edition

In this issue we focus on bringing you up to date with our progress in addressing challenges and preparing for the introduction of more frequent, dependable services to, through and beyond London in 2018.

Download Connections (pdf)

Prefer a print copy? You can find them at many of our larger stations or you can have our customer services team send you one by post.

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