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Refunds and changing your ticket

Train delayed or cancelled? Travel plans changed? No longer need your season ticket? Find out how and when you can get a refund.

If you decide not to travel

If you already have your tickets but change your plans for any reason, you can still ask for a refund: you may have to pay a £10 admin fee.

  • If you bought your ticket from one of our ticket offices, simply return it to the ticket office to ask for a refund
  • If you bought the ticket online (with the exception of those tickets paid using PayPal) you can go to one of our ticket offices to apply for a refund
  • If you need a refund on The Key Smartcard you can use our easy online Key Smartcard refund form 
  • If you bought online but you don't have an online account, or if you can't get to the ticket office where you bought your ticket, please fill in a refund form. Post this to the Freepost address listed on the form or take it to a station ticket office.

Make sure you do this within 28 days of the date on your ticket.

Refunds for delayed or cancelled trains

If you bought your ticket from us and you don’t use it because your train is cancelled or delayed, you can return the unused ticket to us for a full refund. We won’t charge you any administration fee.

This applies to all tickets - including tickets (such as Advance tickets) that are otherwise non-refundable. It also applies if you have begun your journey but are unable to complete it due to a delay or cancellations

If you didn't buy your ticket from us

If you bought your tickets from another Train Operator, sales office or website, you should contact them for your refund. This will help to avoid unnecessary processing delays. 

Compensation for delayed or cancelled trains

We can’t give you a refund if you manage to get on another or a later train.

But if your journey’s delayed by 15 minutes or more, we can offer you compensation through the Delay Repay scheme.

Apply online

Refunds on tickets bought online

You can get your money back on most tickets if you’ve bought them online but they haven’t been collected or posted to you. You don’t need to give a reason.

Money back guarantee

Unused season tickets

If you don’t need the whole period remaining on your season ticket, you can apply for a refund.

You need at to have at least three days left on a weekly ticket; seven days on a monthly ticket; or three months on an annual ticket.

Type of season ticket Minimum left on ticket before you can ask for refund
Weekly season ticket 3 days
Monthly season ticket 7 days
Annual season ticket 3 months

How we refund unused season tickets

We will work out how much it would have cost you to travel up to when you stopped using your season ticket.

We’ll then offer you the difference between that amount and how much you paid for your season ticket.

You’ll have to pay a £10 admin fee and wait up to 28 days to get the refund.

The way we refund you will be based on how you paid. For instance, if you paid by card, we’ll refund the money to the same account.

Speak to staff at your local ticket office for details.

If you’re sick and can’t travel

You could also get a refund if you’ve been ill and haven’t been able to use your season ticket for more than four weeks.

You’ll need to show us evidence that you’ve been ill, such as a medical certificate.

Staff at your local station can help you apply.

How refunds are paid

We'll refund you in the same or similar way as you originally paid for your tickets. This is so we can comply with government money-laundering legislation.

Payment type Refund 
Cash  Cash or cheque at our agent's discretion. If you're applying for an immediate refund at a station, we'll try to refund in cash whenever possible. 
Cheque  Cash, cheque, or the return of your original cheque. This is at the discretion of our agents. 
Credit or debit card  Credit back to the account you paid from. 
Rail travel warrant  Credit to the warrant account you paid from. 
Rail travel voucher (for Delay Repay)  Cash or vouchers. Any immediate refund at a station will be made in cash whenever possible.  
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