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Support whilst you're travelling

Get a free card to ask for support from our employees while you’re travelling with Great Northern trains.

Travel Support Card

The Travel Support Card is a free card for anyone who finds it hard to ask for help when travelling on our trains.

You can add the following info on the card:

  • the journey details
  • who to contact in an emergency
  • anything else you need help with

Simply show the card to us at the station or on the train and we can then give you the support you need.

For instance, we could help you get the right ticket, find the right train or platform, or assist you to your seat.

And if there’s an emergency we’ll know exactly who we have to contact.

Who may find the card useful

The card may be useful for people with:

  • memory loss
  • impaired hearing
  • learning difficulties
  • limited or no English
  • problems communicating

You can download a card below, or contact us if you’d like us to send you one in the post.

Download a Travel Support Card

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