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Season tickets

Season tickets

Travel with us often? You may save a lot of money and hassle with a weekly, monthly or annual season ticket.

Rail Season tickets – More travel, more savings

For the rail regulars out there, make life easier with a rail Season ticket from Great Northern – the cheaper and more convenient alternative to buying tickets every day. Ideal for commuters, take your pick from train ticket options weekly, monthly and any period up to an annual.

The longer your ticket lasts, the more money you could save when you travel by train. Get on and off at any point between your home and work stations – and even add London Tube, Tram or bus travel into the mix by getting a Travelcard with your Great Northern train Season ticket.

Don’t forget – you must carry a valid Photocard with you if travelling with your Season ticket. These are available from our ticket offices.

What type of Season ticket should I choose?

Do you prefer to pay a whole year’s worth of train travel up front? Annual Season tickets offer amazing savings if you can. With an annual train ticket, pay for 40 weeks and you’ll get the rest of the year free – that’s a saving of 23% on the cost of a Weekly Season ticket. Below you will find all the information on applying for an Annual Gold Card, giving you great benefits.

A Monthly Season ticket is a great way to spread your rail travel costs – not least if you’d find it easier to renew your monthly train ticket once you’ve been paid each month. You can renew your Monthly Season ticket up to seven days before your current one runs out.

How about a Weekly Season ticket for a more flexible option? Not only will it save money and time on queuing up for five separate day returns, but you get weekends included too! It works out great if you’ve got a holiday coming up and won’t be in the office for the whole month.

None of these fit the bill? If you’d like a Season ticket lasting more than a month but less than a year, you can get a Custom Season ticket. Just tell us the amount of time you need your ticket for, and we’ll work out how much you can save – right down to the exact day!

What about the new national Flexi Season Ticket? The Flexi Season Ticket on Smartcard gives you 8 passes to use over 28 days between 2 destinations – so you can make 8 anytime/peak return journeys, any days you choose. Buy your Flexi Season Tickets online or at any of our ticket offices, load it onto your Key Smartcard, and travel when it suits you. Find out more.

Want to find out what season ticket is right for you? Check out our season ticket calculator.

Huntingdon to London

Weekly season ticket

Buy tickets from £158 - Huntingdon to London

Huntingdon to London

Monthly season ticket

Buy tickets from £606.70 - Huntingdon to London

Huntingdon to London

Annual season ticket

Buy tickets from £6,320 - Huntingdon to London

Buy an Annual train ticket – Get an Annual Gold Card

If you buy your yearly train ticket with Great Northern, you’ll automatically qualify for a little something extra too – an Annual Gold Card. With it, you can get a load of great benefits:

  • 1/3 off many fares, including Anytime tickets, Off-Peak tickets and Travelcards
  • 81% off kids’ fares for up to 4 children
  • A one-year railcard for just £10

Why not find out how you can apply for an Annual Gold Card?

How to buy your season ticket online

You can always buy or renew a rail Season ticket at any station Ticket Office. But for the ease of doing it from the comfort of your own home or office, why not buy or renew online? Just bear in mind a few things:

  • Your Season ticket must start within two weeks of the date you buy it
  • Monthly Season tickets and longer period season tickets in paper format (up to and including Annual Season tickets) are sent by post, so please allow five working days for yours to reach you
  • Weekly Season tickets can be collected at a station, so it can start the next day
  • Season tickets bought using a Key Smartcard can start just 2 hours after you buy it

Always have your Photocard handy when buying/renewing your Season ticket online.

Switch to Smart

Our Key Smartcard is a great option to minimise social contact. Buy or renew season tickets online with the Key Smartcard, and quickly load your tickets to your Smartcard with our app

Can I pay by cheque?

You can’t buy or renew a Season ticket at Ticket Offices with a personal cheque, but you can use a debit or credit card.

Company cheques are only accepted at Ticket Offices when paying for an Annual train ticket. If the ticket is a new issue (first purchase), the customer must have two forms of ID with them:

  • Photo ID (e.g. passport, driving license, etc.)
  • Proof of Address (e.g. utility bill, council tax bill, credit card statement etc.)

Renewing an existing Annual train ticket paid for by cheque? It can be issued without further ID verification. The cheque should be made payable to Govia Thameslink Railway Limited.

Why do I need to look after my Season ticket?

If you have a paper Season ticket, it’s important you look after it. That’s because the magnetic strip running down the middle holds the information that lets you pass through an automatic ticket barrier at the station.

You can avoid wiping the information on your Season ticket by keeping it away from other magnetic items in your pocket – such as bank cards, Oyster cards and mobile phones.

If your ticket won’t open the barriers, come to any of our Ticket Offices and we’ll reissue your train ticket to get you moving again.

An alternative option is to apply for our Key Smartcard. With one of these, the vital details are held within plastic and metal technology. It’s secure and doesn’t need a magnetic strip, so you can be sure your season ticket will open the barriers time after time.

Have a valid Photocard?

You can buy or renew your season ticket online now