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Season ticket calculator

Making the same journey twice a week or more? With our season ticket calculator, you can discover the ideal ticket options for you.

How to use our season ticket calculator

Do you travel by rail at least two times a week? Our season ticket calculator can help you save money. Just choose your regular route, and how often you plan to travel. Our calculator will do all the rest – showing the various train season ticket options available to you.

Click the option that suits you best – and it'll take you through to where you can purchase it.

You can also find out more about our other ticket types here.

Please note: Our calculator only compares season tickets, and does not offer a full comparison of all fares available for your journey – especially if you travel at Off-Peak times.

Remember to check before you travel and before buying your season ticket too. There may be some engineering works that could affect your journey.

The benefits of a season ticket

A season ticket can often prove to be the best option if you travel regularly by rail. It gives you unlimited travel between two nominated National Rail stations for as long as it's valid. With 7-Day, Monthly and longer period Season tickets, there is also a Travelcard season ticket option.

It's not just about saving money, either. With your train season ticket, you won't have to spend time queuing up each time you want to travel. You can simply turn up at the station… and go.

Validities: When can you use your season ticket?

With a Flexi Season Ticket, you can travel on any eight days during a 28-day period between your two chosen stations.

A 7-Day (or Weekly) Season Ticket is valid for seven successive days after its start date. This can help you save money if you make at least three rail trips a week (and/or at the weekend).

Need something that lasts a bit longer? A Monthly Season Ticket can be used for a complete calendar month – weekdays and weekends. It can also be renewed up to seven days before an existing season ticket runs out, so you can plan ahead.

If you need your season ticket to cover a longer time period, however, why not build your own Custom Season Ticket? This gives you the option to ask for the specific number of months and extra days needed. Don't worry – you'll still get the same discounted rate.

An Annual Season Ticket can help you achieve even bigger savings. If you think you're going to need Monthly (or similar) tickets for at least 10 months, an annual ticket will be valid for the full calendar year – effectively giving you 12 weeks' worth of free travel. With an Annual Season Ticket, you’ll automatically qualify for a little something extra too – an Annual Gold Card.

Travel 3 days per week with the Flexi Season ticket?

You'll need more than one Flexi Season Ticket in a month if you plan to travel more than three days in one week. As Flexi tickets are valid for a maximum of 28 days, you can carry over any unused travel into the following calendar month.

But this isn't reflected in our season ticket calculator when a 3-day per week work pattern is chosen for an odd number of months (i.e., 1, 3, 5, etc.). For a comparable price per day, you'll need to choose an even (i.e., 2, 4, 6, etc.) number of months.

Are you travelling 3 or more days a week? Then one of our other ticket types might be a better option for you.

Season ticket prices explained

Total period cost

Annual leave is not factored into the Total period cost. For 12 calendar months of travel, your total Flexi Season Ticket cost will vary based on how many days a week you plan to travel.

To travel up to 2 days a week for 12 calendar months, the calculation for the Total period cost will be based on 12 x Flexi Season Tickets. Plan to travel more than 2 days a week during that time? More than 12 Flexi Season Tickets are needed and the Total period cost will reflect that.

Cost per day

Our season ticket calculator works out what the cost per day of travel is, based on your answers. This cost is an average that factors in how many days you travel in a week, as well as how long you want a season ticket for. If you travel more often than not, your season ticket price is more likely to offer better value.

Don't forget that all season ticket prices are based on current fares. The cost of your train travel won't go up for as long as your ticket is valid – even if fares rise during that period.

Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak fares

Our calculator compares season tickets only. It doesn't give you a full overview of all the fare options available to you. So, if you travel at Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak times, these fares aren't included. But it's possible these individual tickets could be a better option for you.

Can you purchase a season ticket online?

Yes – our season ticket calculator will take you through to where you can pay for your preferred ticket online.

You can load your ticket onto a Key Smartcard. It's an even faster way to do things, and you can even load your ticket to your Key Smartcard with our smartphone app.

Where can you use your season ticket?

You can use it anywhere between the two stations entered into our season ticket calculator. But season ticket prices don't always include travel in/across London. If you need to include Tube or bus travel, you should first make sure your ticket includes a Travelcard. London Pay-As-You-Go fares are not included either in the Season Ticket Calculator.

Get more information

If you have any queries about our season ticket calculator, do get in touch with us. We also have some useful links that may contain the information you're looking for.