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Carnet tickets on Great Northern

Carnet tickets

If you often make the same journey - like a London business trip or a family visit - you could save money by buying tickets in books of five or 10.

Carnet tickets – Regular travel, rewarded

Introducing flexible Carnet tickets from Great Northern – a brilliant way to save time and money if you make regular trips by train, but not regular enough to feel the benefits of a Season ticket.

A Carnet (car-nay) is the fancy term for a book of Single tickets. While it probably sounds better in a French accent, it’ll save you 10% on your travel – and that sounds great in any language.

Our Carnet tickets are sold in books of five or 10 tickets and remain valid for three months. You can use them on the Great Northern routes that you travel on most often.

Do you use Peak Carnet tickets?

Kindly note that Flexi Season tickets have replaced our Peak Carnet tickets. There are no changes to our Off-Peak Carnet tickets.

How do Carnet tickets work?

A book of Carnet tickets contains five or 10 tickets for travel in a single direction. Each time you travel, use a Carnet train ticket instead of buying on the day until your book runs out.

If you’re making a regular round trip, you’ll need a book of Carnet tickets for each direction.

You can break your journey at any stations in-between on your chosen route

Who are Carnet tickets for?

Do you often visit family? Are you regularly heading into London for meetings? Or maybe you split work between home and the office? Carnet tickets are for travellers who can save on the cost of buying tickets on the day – but not enough to splash out on a Season ticket.

Can I use Carnet tickets on London Underground?*

You can only use Carnet tickets on specific London Underground routes:

  • Finsbury Park and Highbury & Islington
    You can use a Carnet train ticket on the Victoria Line only between these two stations
  • Finsbury Park and London stations
    Train tickets can be used for journeys between Kings Cross or St Pancras International and Moorgate on the Circle, Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City or Northern Lines. You can break your journey at Old Street only.

* Tickets with GREAT NORTHERN ONLY, LDN NOT UNDERGROUND, VIA CITY THAMESLINK or NOT UNDERGROUND are not valid on any London Underground route

When can I travel with Carnet tickets?

There are two types of Carnet tickets: Anytime (Peak) or Off-Peak.

With a book of Anytime tickets (Peak), you can travel at any time – including the rush hour.

Off-Peak Carnet tickets are handy for avoiding the rush hour during the week. You can travel Monday-Friday on any train:

  • Arriving into London after 10am
  • Leaving London after 9.30am
  • Before 4.30pm or after 7.01pm

On weekends or Bank Holidays, you can travel with an Off-Peak Carnet train ticket at any time.

Why don’t my Carnet tickets work in the gates?

Our Carnet tickets are great value but have occasionally been misused. Over time, this makes rail travel more expensive for everyone. So, we can better control how these tickets are used, our ticket barriers won’t accept a Carnet train ticket. If this happens, please show your ticket to a member of staff on the gates and they will be happy to let you through.

Why don’t you come up with a better Carnet format?

As you can interchange Peak and Off-Peak Carnet tickets for up to three months, it means the ticket is set up in a specific way.

How do I buy Carnet tickets online?

You can buy your Carnet tickets online in one of two ways. Note: when you buy online they can only be sent First Class post.

On Computer:

  • Go to our Journey Planner, click on Buy Tickets and then click ‘Find Trains’
  • Scroll past the results shown and click ‘View All Available Fares’
  • Choose the Carnet tickets that suit you best from the list

On a Smartphone:

  • Go to our Journey Planner, Click ‘Buy Tickets’, fill out your details and click ‘Find Trains’
  • Choose a departure time from the results and click ‘Continue’
  • Choose the Carnet tickets that suit you best from the list

You can also get your Carnet tickets from our Station ticket offices.

No booking fees and collect at the station in the UK

Buy online and get the best deals