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Last updated: 00:31

Tariff review 2020

What’s happening?

Station car park tariffs have been reviewed. As of 3 February 2020, all off-peak and weekend prices at car parks across our network have been frozen and an adjustment made to most peak tariffs which, on average, is below the rate of inflation.

Why are you doing this?

This is part of an annual review to help maintain and improve facilities and, in some cases, to better align our tariffs with those of nearby car parks. It has been timed a month into the year which will help passengers with annual permits who will have mostly already renewed at last year’s prices. During our franchise there have been two years during which we froze all our car park prices.

How have you decided to increase those fares that are rising?

The changes we have made vary according to the size of the car park and price of nearby alternatives. Larger car parks cost more to maintain and manage. Some stations have seen no increase at all.

Can I park for less?

We continue to offer season tickets which offer significant discounts often not offered at other car parks. These can be as much as 66% depending on the car park.