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The Key Smartcard

Buy or renew season tickets online with the Key Smartcard, and quickly load your tickets to your Smartcard with our app

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The Key Smartcard offers an easier and faster way to buy, renew and use train tickets, compared to paper tickets.

It is now even quicker to load your tickets to your Smartcard with our app, allowing you to reduce the time spent at the station.

You can also enable the ability to Pay-As-You-Go by adding keyGo during registration. If you are not travelling as frequently, keyGo might be a suitable alternative to a season ticket.

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Beat the queues

Buy or renew season tickets online from home 
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Season tickets

Load your season ticket to the Key Smartcard
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Tap & Go

No need to show your ticket, just tap it and go!
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Auto Delay Repay

Get notifications for delay repay compensation

Register for the Key Smartcard today

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Order online and receive your Key Smartcard within 5 working days

Buy a Season ticket

Purchase season tickets online, or by downloading our app

Load your ticket

Use our app to load your ticket to the Key Smartcard, then tap your card to the back of your smartphone


Collect your ticket

Add your ticket to the Key Smartcard at your station by tapping the gate or validator

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Add Pay-As-You-Go with keyGo

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Tap in and out

Pay-As-You-Go and get the best fares when you tap in and out with the Smartcard and keyGo. You can also add a Railcard to your keyGo account
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Activate keyGo

Ensure you already have a Key Smartcard and then login to your account and activate keyGo

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Frequently asked questions

Got some questions on where you can use the Key Smartcard, if you can get it in a ticket office or if it works on the networks of other train operators?
Take a look at some frequently asked questions about The Key Smartcard for train travel.
Terms and conditions for the Key Smartcard are found here.