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Celebrate diversity and inclusiveness with Great Northern

Explore multiple LGBTQ+ events and festivals happening throughout the year along our routes.

From the legendary London Pride to the vibrant Brighton Pride, our calendar includes all the must-attend events that celebrate love, equality, and acceptance.

Whether you're looking to join a parade, enjoy music and dance, there is something for everyone. If you travel with your mates you can save 34% with Group Save. You have no excuse not to party!

Mark your calendars for an unforgettable season of love, pride, and unity with Great Northern.

Pride events across the network

Travelling to Pride events has never been easier. With frequent services connecting London and other major cities in the South East, you can easily get to the biggest Pride events in the UK travelling on Thameslink, Southern, and Great Northern Railway.


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Travel by train with Great Northern

One of the advantages of exploring South East England's Pride celebrations is the convenience of train travel. The region boasts excellent railway connections, making it easy to reach these vibrant destinations from various locations. With frequent services and comfortable trains, visitors can sit back, relax, and enjoy the picturesque views as they travel to their chosen Pride events.

This year, let South East England be your Pride destination of choice. Embrace the spirit of diversity and inclusion as you participate in the lively parades, dance to the beat of energetic music, and engage in enlightening discussions. Celebrate love and acceptance in a region that welcomes everyone with open arms, and let the ease of train travel transport you to unforgettable Pride experiences. Join us in commemorating the LGBTQ+ community and championing the values of equality and respect.

Buying tickets

You can buy Great Northern tickets online and collect them from the ticket machine before you travel. You can also buy them from a ticket machine or ticket office at the station.