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New trains for Moorgate services

Great Northern 717 trains

Brand-new, air-conditioned, six-carriage, Class 717 trains are now beginning to operate on Great Northern services to and from Moorgate.

Over the coming months, passengers will gradually see all train services operating between Moorgate and Hertfordshire, to and from Stevenage, Hertford North and Welwyn Garden City operated by the new Class 717 fleet. We expect this process to complete later this year.

These new Class 717 trains have been custom-built for the route as part of a £240 million investment to entirely replace Great Northern’s oldest train fleet, the Class 313.

Passengers benefit from:

  • Air conditioning for improved comfort on-board
  • Connectivity with free Wi-Fi throughout* and power points at every pair of seats
  • Space for approximately 100 extra passengers per train, because passenger numbers on Great Northern have more than doubled in 16 years and this will give you more space
  • Wider doors, wide, open aisles and open, interconnected carriages (like a bendy bus) so that all passengers including those with accessibility needs can move easily throughout the entire train. The trains have been designed so that people can board and alight quickly, helping to keep trains running on time
  • Two-by-two seating instead of unpopular three-by-two seating
  • All trains are fixed at the maximum size of six carriages that can fit into platforms
  • Each train has the latest accessibility features; including more visible grab handles and wheelchair spaces with clear markings on the carriage exteriors
  • Live updates from London Underground available inside the train so passengers can plan onwards journeys (except between Drayton Park & Moorgate)

*Wi-Fi will be available on all services except when the train is underground between Drayton Park and Moorgate.

Frequently asked questions

How many trains will come into service?

25 new Class 717 trains formed of six carriages each are coming into service. 

The Class 717 train shares a similar interior fit out to the Class 700 trains in use by Thameslink. The Class 717 is designed specifically for services to and from Moorgate and is the maximum size that the stations on the route can accommodate.

Which train services are operated by Class 717 trains?

The first two Class 717 trains entered all-day passenger service on Monday 25 March 2019. 

As of Tuesday 16 April 2019, we are operating five Class 717 trains. These will serve the following routes, calling at all stations throughout the day. Additional Class 717 trains will be gradually introduced in subsequent weeks.

Train #1 - Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays)

Dep. station Dep. time Arr. station Arr. time Train head code
Moorgate 6:07 Stevenage 7:22 2F04
Stevenage 7:28 Moorgate 8:39 2J30
Moorgate 8:45 Welwyn Garden City 9:32 2V33
Welwyn Garden City 9:38 Moorgate 10:28 2K50
Moorgate 10:41 Watton-at-Stone 11:41 2F52
Watton-at-Stone 12:11 Moorgate 13:08 2J71
Moorgate 13:20 Welwyn Garden City 14:07 2V73
Welwyn Garden City 14:39 Moorgate 15:28 2K00
Moorgate 15:40 Watton-at-Stone 16:37 2F02
Watton-at-Stone 16:59 Moorgate 17:54 2J27
Moorgate 18:00 Welwyn Garden City 18:52 2V28
Welwyn Garden City 18:58 Moorgate 19:43 2K46
Moorgate 19:55 Hertford North 20:48 2B48
Hertford North 21:00 Moorgate 21:53 2J63
Moorgate 22:00 Welwyn Garden City 22:48 2V65

Train #2 - Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays)

Depa. station Dep. time Arr. station Arr. time Train head code
Gordon Hill 7:11 Moorgate 7:49 2J20
Moorgate 7:55 Gordon Hill 8:33 2G22
Gordon Hill 8:41 Moorgate 9:19 2J38
Moorgate 9:25 Hertford North 10:18 2B40
Hertford North 10:30 Moorgate 11:23 2J57
Moorgate 11:30 Welwyn Garden City 12:18 2V59
Welwyn Garden City 12:28 Moorgate 13:18 2K72
Moorgate 13:25 Hertford North 14:18 2B74
Hertford North 14:30 Moorgate 15:23 2J89
Moorgate 15:30 Welwyn Garden City 16:18 2V01
Welwyn Garden City 16:28 Moorgate 17:18 2K18
Moorgate 17:25 Gordon Hill 18:03 2G25
Gordon Hill 18:12 Moorgate 18:49 2J37
Moorgate 18:55 Gordon Hill 19:33 2G40

Train #3 - Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays)

Depa. station Dep. time Arr. station Arr. time Train head code
Welwyn Garden City 6:24 Moorgate 7:14 2K13
Moorgate 7:24 Stevenage 8:22 2F14
Stevenage 8:28 Moorgate 9:39 2J42
Finsbury Park 15:58 Moorgate 16:13 2K07
Moorgate 16:20 Stevenage 17:24 2F08
Stevenage 17:30 Moorgate 18:35 2J35
Moorgate 18:45 Welwyn Garden City 19:37 2V38
Welwyn Garden City 19:43 Moorgate 20:28 2K52
Moorgate 20:40 Hertford North 21:29 2B54
Hertford North 22:00 Moorgate 22:53 2J71
Moorgate 23:00 Welwyn Garden City 23:51 2V73

Train #4 - Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays)

Dep. station Dep. time Arr. station Arr. time Train head code
Hertford North 7:02 Moorgate 7:54 2J21
Moorgate 8:00 Welwyn Garden City 8:48 2V23
Welwyn Garden City 8:54 Moorgate 9:44 2K43
Moorgate 9:50 Welwyn Garden City 10:37 2V45
Welwyn Garden City 11:09 Moorgate 11:58 2K62
Moorgate 12:10 Stevenage 13:18 2F64
Stevenage 13:28 Moorgate 14:40 2J83
Moorgate 14:50 Welwyn Garden City 15:37 2V85
Welwyn Garden City 16:09 Moorgate 16:58 2K16
Moorgate 17:05 Hertford North 17:51 2B17
Hertford North 18:03 Moorgate 18:54 2J38
Moorgate 19:00 Welwyn Garden City 19:49 2V41
Welwyn Garden City 19:58 Moorgate 20:48 2K54
Moorgate 20:55 Hertford North 21:48 2B56
Hertford North 22:16 Moorgate 23:08 2J73
Moorgate 23:20 Stevenage 00:25 2F76

Train #5 - Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays - starting Tuesday 16 April)

Dep. station Dep. time Arr. station Arr. time Train head code


4:22 King's Cross 5:13 2J01
King's Cross 5:21 Stevenage 6:20 2F01
Stevenage 6:28 Moorgate 7:34 2J17
Moorgate 7:40 Watton-at-Stone 8:35 2F19
Watton-at-Stone 9:07 Moorgate 10:08 2J47
Moorgate 10:20 Welwyn Garden City 11:07 2V49
Welwyn Garden City 11:39 Moorgate 12:28 2K66
Moorgate 12:40 Watton-at-Stone 13:41 2F68
Watton-at-Stone 14:11 Moorgate 15:08 2J87
Moorgate 15:20 Welwyn Garden City 16:07 2V89
Welwyn Garden City 16:32 Moorgate 17:23 2K21
Moorgate 17:30 Welwyn Garden City 18:22 2V22
Welwyn Garden City 18:28 Moorgate 19:13 2K42
Moorgate 19:25 Hertford North 20:18 2B45
Hertford North 20:30 Moorgate 21:23 2J59
Moorgate 21:30 Welwyn Garden City 22:19 2V61

Will passengers need to be in the front five carriages at some stations?

Yes, due to short platforms, passengers travelling to or from the following stations on Class 717 Great Northern train services will need to travel in the front five carriages:

  • Drayton Park
  • Harringay
  • Hornsey
  • Bowes Park
  • Brookmans Park

Doors on the sixth carriage will not open at these stations. This is called Selective Door Operation.

Why are you using Selective Door Operation at these stations?

As passenger numbers are increasing, the Class 717 trains were built to the maximum possible size that can operate on routes to Moorgate.

Some platforms are slightly smaller than others such as at Drayton Park and while all six carriages will stop next to the platform, we will only open doors on the front five carriages. This is a very cautious approach to ensure that passengers can always board or leave the train.

When will they all come into service?

The trains are being gradually introduced. Services will be switched progressively from Class 313 to Class 717 operation and we expect this process to complete later this year.

How many people can each train accommodate?

There is space for over 940 people per train, which is about 100 more people per train than the current trains can hold.

When will Wi-Fi be available between Drayton Park & Moorgate?

We are looking at options to upgrade the telecoms infrastructure to support Wi-Fi in the future at sub-surface stations between Drayton Park & Moorgate.

Why has the introduction of the new trains taken so long?

Following thorough testing and double checking everything with our partners at Network Rail, ASLEF and Siemens, the new Class 717 fleet is ready for passenger service.

Why can’t you introduce more new trains faster?

When new trains are introduced they sometimes experience teething problems, we have taken steps to mitigate this as much as possible by undertaking extensive operational testing in Germany and the UK. We have completed over 1,700 hours of staff testing in the UK before the first train is to be introduced.

We will regularly review the reliability of the Class 717s and feedback from our engineers and passengers as we gradually introduce the new trains to address any issues that may arise as quickly as possible. Services will be switched progressively from Class 313 to Class 717 operation in the coming months and we expect this process to complete later this year.

Do you have enough trained drivers?


The trains are accessible but not all your stations where they are call are, is this being addressed?

We believe that everyone should be able to use our rail services and we do everything we can to achieve this on a network which dates back in places to the Victorian times.

We have submitted multiple bids for the government’s Access for All scheme for funding to achieve full accessibility at as many stations as possible across our network.

We always help our passengers reach the next nearest accessible station, and we have a dedicated travel assistance team in place to help. For more information please contact the assisted travel team:

Contact assisted travel online

Telephone 0800 058 2844

Textphone 0800 138 1018

Why are there no toilets on board?

Stations on the route have toilets so with rising passenger numbers, creating as much space as possible for passengers has been the priority.

Why aren’t there seatback tables?

Journey times are similar to that of London Underground’s Metropolitan Line and the Class 717 routes are primarily metro services, we have focused on customer benefits such as Wi-Fi and charging points.

Why do some of the trains have a second person in the driver’s cab?

The extensive testing completed prior to the introduction of the Class 717s identified that a few older platforms such as at Old Street need Network Rail to move the signal further back so that the driver can see both the trackside signal and the part of the platform closest to the cab. This work is being completed by Network Rail. In the meantime, we will have a second member of our team onboard at certain stations so that the train can use the full length of the platform.

Will there be luggage racks?

Yes there are overhead luggage racks on the trains.

What’s happening to the Class 313s?

We expect the final Class 717 to enter service later this year, the Class 313 trains are being returned to their owners, Eversholt Rail.